The February Full Snow Moon is Glistening for You!

Sretan Pun Mjesec!
(“Happy Full Moon” in Croatian)

Welcome to Issue 2 of Volume III of the Earth, Moon and Stars blog!
(Formerly the Full Moon Lore newsletter.)

Walking on snow under full moon

Walking on snow under full moon

Fantasy snow moon

Fantasy snow moon

Here’s a summary of what’s in Earth, Moon and Stars this month:

Full Moon Time
Thursday February 17: 10:36p HAST
Friday February 18: 08:36 Coordinated Universal Time (UT)
Friday February 18: 12:36a PST, 1:36a MST, 2:36a CST, 3:36a EST, 4:36p PHT (Philippines)

Seasonal Calendar
Next New Moon: Friday March 4, 20:46 UT
U.S. Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday March 13
Next Full Moon: Saturday March 19, 18:10 UT

The March Equinox will occur on Sunday, March 20, 23.21 UT (7:21 PM EDT)
(See the “Seasonal Calendar” section for details.)

Traditional Names for the February Full Moon
Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, Worm Moon, others.
(See the “Full Moon Names” section for details.)

2011 Moon perigee: March 19.

Astrology and Folklore
Carola Eastwood on bringing new ideas into form.
Molly Hall on drama and intensity.
(See the “Astrology and Folklore” section for details.)

Next Month
(biggest and brightest) full moon of 2011.

§ § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § §

Next New and Full Moons.
New Moon
The next New Moon will occur on Friday March 4, 20:46 UT

10:46a (HAST), 12:46p (PST), 1:46p (MST), 2:46p (CST), 3:46p (EST)
Saturday March 5 4:46a (PHT)

Daylight Saving Time
U.S. Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday March 13.
(Set your clocks forward one hour, if you live in a DST zone.)

Full Moon
The next Full Moon will occur on Saturday March 19, 18:10 UT

8:10a (HAST), 11:10a (PDT), 12:10p (MDT), 1:10p (CDT), 2:10p (EDT)
Sunday March 20, 2:10a (PHT)

The March Equinox will occur on Sunday, March 20, 23.21 UT (7:21 PM EDT).

The early English called the February full moon the Wolf Moon, trailing the native Americans by a month. (See last month’s issue of EarthMoonandStars). Many native tribes of North America called the February full moon the Snow Moon, since the heaviest snows usually fall during this month. (I know many of you can relate!) Some tribes also referred to this full moon as the Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult. Some others called it the Opening Buds Moon, Worm Moon, Lenten Moon, Sap Moon, Crow Moon, or Candles Moon.

Native Americans including the Dakotah and Sioux tribes knew the February full moon as the Moon of the Raccoon (I don’t think it rhymed in their language), and also the Moon When Trees Pop.

Other February Full Moon Names:
Chinese – Budding Moon
Hindu – Magh Purnima
Colonial American – Trapper’s Moon
Cherokee Indian – Bony Moon
Choctaw Indian – Little Famine Moon
Neo Pagan – Snow Moon
English Medieval – Storm Moon
Celtic – Moon of Ice

Here is a digest of what two well-established astrologers have to say about tonight’s Full Moon. It is always interesting to me to see how independently arrived-at astrology views line up. If you find what these astrologers have to say here interesting, you can find much more detail by following the reference links to their Web sites for their full articles.

Carola EastwoodFull moon brings new ideas into form
On February 18, we have a full moon in Leo, opposite the sun in Aquarius. The full moon sheds light on the progress we have made over the past two weeks in putting some of our new ideas and inspirations into action. As our vision and motivation is very high around the full moon, we find that we have the energy, impetus, and ability to bring new ideas into form and expression. Once again, take the time to be clear and listen to Spirit’s higher guidance in the actions you promote. (Full article at Planetary Cycles.)
(Carola Eastwood provides in-depth personal astrology readings that open the doorway to fulfilling your life-purpose. (760-298-0918 ) Human Design for Us All)

Molly Hall – Big Bang
Everything about this Full Moon shouts drama and intensity! It can animate you, and compel you to act suddenly, in ways that fulfill your heart’s desire. But there’s also great potential for outbursts and temper flare-ups. The Sun is firing off large flares all week, adding to the combustible, or shocking energies already in play.
(See Molly’s full article “This Full Moon Leo, 2011”)

Coming Next Month

Next month’s full moon will be the closest approach during 2011, and thus the biggest and brightest.We’ll talk about why. We’ll also take a look at tides, at how they work, and how they affect us.

Earth Day
Equinoctial Earth Day will be observed on Sunday, March 20.
(More at Earthsite)

Traditional Earth Day (U.S. and other countries): Friday, April 22
(More at When Is Earth Day)

Here’s wishing you and yours beautiful winter days and cozy nights.
See you for the full Moon in March!
§ § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § §

The Earth, Moon and Stars blog is published once each Full Moon with (hopefully interesting) facts and lore about our moon and other sky phenomena. My wish is that you will have fun learning a bit more about our one and only natural satellite and how all of us — people, animals, plants, water, even rocks — are affected and connected by her.


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