The Rabbit in the Buddha Moon

!خوشحال ماه کامل
(“Happy Full Moon!” in Persian)

Welcome to Issue 5 of Volume III of Earth, Moon and Stars!
(Formerly the Full Moon Lore newsletter.)


   North American indigenous peoples speaking the Algonquian language historically called the May full moon the Flower Moon. They said the flowers grew at night, and even danced under the light of this moon.

   Britons called it the Milk Moon. It was also known as the Corn Planting MoonIn the Celtic Tree tradition, this full moon is known as the Oak Moon or Bright Moon, while NeoPagans call it the Grass MoonIn Medieval times this full moon was known as the Hare’s Moon.  (See the story below on the Rabbit in the Moon and also my citing of the Oak as Celtic tree of the month in my June 2013 issue.)

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Rabbit in the Moon

Rabbit in the Moon (

   Whereas in Western folklore we see and talk about  the “Man in the Moon,” the “Hare (or Rabbit) in the Moon” is a more familiar symbol in other cultures. (Take a look at tonight’s or tomorrow’s full moon and see if you can find the rabbit. Use the image above to guide your imagination.)

'Moon Rabbit' netsuke by Eiichi

‘Moon Rabbit’ netsuke by Eiichi (JoMA)

   In China, the Hare in the Moon is depicted with a mortar and pestle in which he mixes the elixir of immortality. He is the messenger of a female moon deity and the guardian of all wild animals. In Chinese folklore, female hares conceive through the touch of the full moon’s light (without the need of impregnation by the male), or by crossing water by moonlight, or licking moonlight from a male hare’s fur.


[ref: “The Symbolism of Rabbits and Hares” (Endicott Studio)]



May’s full moon: Tuesday May 17 11:09 UT  (7:09 am EDT, 4:09 am PDT)
June’s new moon: Wednesday June 1 21:03 UT  (5:03 pm EDT)
June’s full moon: Wednesday June 15 20:14 UT  (4:14pm EDT)

[Ref: Moon Phases]



   Solar  The sun will be partially eclipsed by the new moon on June 1, but it will be visible only at high latitudes, to include most of Alaska, northern Canada, and Reykjavik, Iceland. Northernmost Norway, Sweden and Finland will also get a midnight Sun eclipse with the event hanging above the northern horizon.

   Lunar The full moon on June 15 will be in full and very dark eclipse, visible to observers in Africa, southern Asia, and Australia. However, it will end before the moon rises in North America, and so the eclipse will not be visible here. It is said that this eclipse will be one of the darkest eclipses ever – second only to the July 16, 2000 total lunar eclipse. During the totality of the eclipse, the Moon will pass in front of the center of Earth’s shadow. The best location to view the eclipse will be in the northernmost region of the “entire-eclipse zone” in central Asia, as well as Eastern Europe and northeastern Africa.

   Many people in South America, Western Africa and Europe will view the eclipse at moonrise, while Eastern Asia and Australia will view the eclipse at moonset. Western Europe will see the moon rise already totally eclipsed and covering a portion of the ninth-magnitude globular cluster NGC 6401, while those in southern Africa and Australia will see the moon slip past the cluster untouched. (It is important to note that in order to see the cluster, you will need at least a 100-mm telescope.)

[Refs: Eclipses During 2011.  Total Lunar Eclipse on June 15, 2011]


   This full moon highlights the Eastern celebration of Wesak (Vesākha or Buddha Purnima), at which time people who follow the Buddhist tradition in many countries celebrate the time when the Buddha reached enlightenment; thus this full moon is considered the most powerful of the year. Sometimes informally called “Buddha’s Birthday”, it actually encompasses the birth, enlightenment (nirvāna), and passing away (Parinirvāna) of Gautama Buddha. Many festivals are held surrounding this day, often beginning days ahead and continuing for days afterward.

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Carola Eastwood

   In her Planetary Cycles column in the Life Connection magazine, Carola Eastwood has this to say about this month’s full moon: 

   A full moon in Scorpio, opposite the sun in Taurus, illuminates the sky on May 17. While very positive aspects continue to grace our skies, the full moon’s interactions with visionary Neptune suggest we remember to stay in tune with our inner, spiritual guidance in all things. If, in our enthusiasm to move forward, we have forgotten to stay in tune with Spirit, we will now have a gentle reminder so we can course-correct. The Scorpio moon supports any healing or transformation that may be needed as we move into a highly creative time. 

See Carola’s full Planetary Cycles article for lots more along these lines. 

Carola Eastwood provides in-depth personal astrology readings that open the doorway to fulfilling your life-purpose. Her office is in San Marcos. 858/259-1590.

Cathy Pagano

Cathy Pagano’s column in this month is titled:
Explore Your Dreams.” Here is an excerpt. (Link to full article is below.)

   “This Full Moon brings us face to face with the great god Eros/Desire, acknowledging both our personal desires and those of others. The earthy sensuality of the Taurus Sun shines out and gives rise to the emotional passion of Scorpio during this Full Moon. Opening to life through our senses awakens within us a deep understanding and enjoyment of our physical and emotional natures.

   Many people still think of the Earth as dead matter to be exploited by our corporations so they can service our needs. And yet, our real needs are often very Scorpionic, that is, deeply emotional and often hidden from view. Scorpio hides the sense of loss and betrayal, fear and anger, suffering and death. This Scorpio Full Moon directs us to drink in the light of peace, beauty and sensual pleasure from the Taurus Sun and release those dark fears and imagined betrayals and open to the joy and healing power of Life. It is May after all!”

Cathy’s full article adds many more dimensions. You can read it at: Explore Your Dreams.

Molly Hall

Molly Hall’s full moon page this month is titled:
Full Moon in Scorpio – The Deep End.”  Here is her intro. (Link to full article is below.)

   It’s a deep plunge in the soul’s pool, with a Full Moon in watery and very psychic Scorpio at 26 degrees. Intense!

   The most powerful thing you can do is drop down into a more soulful place. Something way deeper and usually far below the radar can be experienced now. There are also great healing forces in play. 

   Some full Moon Scorpio themes are: seeing beyond the veil to a hidden truth, deep release, transmuting poisons/toxins, intimacy, illuminating dreams or nightmares, and power — creative, sexual, emotional. We’re close to life’s most profound mysteries, like invisible bonds across time and distance, and something dying, so it can be transformed.

You can drink in Molly’s full article at Full Moon in Scorpio – The Deep End

   Here’s wishing you and yours a most auspicious and delicious May/June. See you for the full moon in June!

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The Earth, Moon and Stars blog is published once each full moon with (hopefully interesting) facts and lore about our moon and other sky phenomena. My wish is that you will have fun learning a bit more about our one and only natural satellite and how all of us — people, animals, plants, water, even rocks — are affected and connected by her.


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