October’s Hunter’s Moon

Lleuad llawn Hapus!
(“Happy Full Moon” in Welsh)

Welcome to Issue 10 of Volume III of the Earth, Moon and Stars blog!
(Formerly the Full Moon Lore newsletter.)

In this issue:

  • Moon Names (some nice artwork to go with them)
  • Seasonal Calendar (dates and times)
  • Skywatch (Orionid meteors)
  • Celestial Mechanics (Trojan Asteroid 2010 TK7)
  • Astrology and Folklore (new possibilities and coming alive) 


Native American Indians of the northern and eastern United States kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to each recurring Full Moon, appropriate for month in which it occurred. European settlers followed the custom and even created some of their own.

With the fields reaped and the trees becoming bare, Native American called this first full moon following the Harvest moon the Hunter’s Moon, because hunters could ride over the harvest stubble and more easily see fattened deer, fox and other animals that came out to glean. Like the Harvest Moon, this Hunter’s Moon is also particularly bright and long in the sky, giving hunters greater opportunity to stalk prey at night. [sources: National Geographic; Space.com]

The medieval English called this month’s full moon the Full Blood or Wine Moon, while the Celts called it their Snow Moon.  [You can find lots more variations on these names here.]

Full Hunter’s Moon

This photo of a Hunter’s Full Moon was taken by “Indigostone” in St. Ignatius, MT, and found here.  You can see more photos by “Indigostone” here.


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October Hunter’s Moon [Cyndi Lavin]


 The beautiful beaded embroidery you see here was created by Cyndi Lavin for her Bead Journal Project (a part of her Beading Arts Facebook page) where you can see all twelve of her Moon creations. Cyndi also has her own websites Mixed Media Artist, and Beading Arts, rich with examples of and information on beads, jewelry, and other art mediums.





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October’s full moon: Wednesday Oct 12, 02:06 UT
Tuesday Oct 11, 10:06 pm EDT; 9:06 pm CDT; 8:06 pm MDT; 7:06 pm PDT)
November’s New Moon: Wednesday Nov 2 16:38 UT
Daylight Saving Time ends (in most of the United States): Sunday Nov 6
November’s full moon: Thursday Nov 10, 20:16 UT (3:16 pm EST, 12:16 pm PST)


Orionid Meteors

The best viewing for the Orionids this year will probably be before dawn on October 21 or 22, though the waning crescent moon may somewhat tarnish this year’s display. (See more details in this EarthSky article.)


First Earth Trojan Asteroid Discovered

Okay – what’s a Trojan asteroid? A Trojan is a minor planet or natural satellite (moon) that shares an orbit with a larger planet or moon, but does not collide with it. Jupiter is famous for having thousands of such tag-alongs sharing its orbit, but until last October, no one had ever detected one in Earth’s orbit. The official announcement was made this past July that 2010 TK7 is the first Trojan asteroid discovered to be sharing the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. This asteroid is only about 1,000 feet in diameter. Being so small, it has not yet been possible to gather spectral data sufficient to determine its composition. Sources I used for this tidbit were from NASA’s Near Earth Program, and the Wikipedia article 2010 TK7 — both of which would make for good further reading if this topic interests you.


October Full Moon in Aries
Dian Bustillo, Moon Maven
Here is a summary of what Dian writes this month in her simplyastrology post:

This is a time to honor the magic of nature. Give your pets a little extra time and attention. This Moon also beckons us to align or re-align with our birth totem or personal animal guide. If you don’t have a totem or animal guide, meditate during this Full Moon and ask for a guide. Our animal guides and totems represent energies and protections that are naturally available to us. When you have a particular trait or strength you want to embrace, the appropriate animal guide is often helpful as a focus. For example the Lion is an excellent animal when you are seeking to strengthen family alliances.

You can read the complete article at Dian’s simplyastrology blog, with even more on her Cycles of Living website.

Full Moon in Aries Opens New Field of Possibilities
Carola Eastwood
Here is a summary of  what Carola Eastwood writes about this Aries Full Moon in her Planetary Cycles column this month in the Life Connection magazine:

This Full Moon brings to fruition the elements needed for substantial changes to be made in our lives. While hard work or long hours may be required, we are more inspired than ever to fulfill our dreams. Creative and artistic inspiration is very high, and attractive opportunities come as new people enter our lives though group associations and activities that support our new creations.

See Carola’s full Planetary Cycles article for lots more good stuff. 

Carola Eastwood provides in-depth personal astrology readings that open the doorway to fulfilling your life-purpose. Her office is in San Marcos. 858/259-1590. www.HumanDesignForUsAll.com.

Molly Hall — “Fresh Starts Moon!”
Here is a summary of Molly’s Full Moon page this month:

This Full Moon in Aries urges us to emerge out of the heavy cloak of social conditioning; coming alive through your passions; trusting your instincts; the animation that comes from meeting a challenge head-on; fresh starts; courageous actions; risking confrontation to be authentic and true to yourself. It illuminates the rewards of going beyond your comfort zone, the thrill of acting on impulse; the exciting heat of friction between strong personalities; your impetuous side.

She says it’s a good time to:

  • celebrate individual freedom and your right to live free
  • nurture hope in new beginnings
  • be inspired by the urgency of the times
  • take action, even if you’re full of fear
  • act on strong intuitive hunches
  • face a threat directly
  • allow buried passions to emerge and find expression
  • honor the messages that guide your unique destiny
  • act on true desires, not what you think you “should” do
  • take a bold step toward what you really, really want
  • do what makes you feel alive!

See Molly’s full article “Full Moon in Aries“, plus her associated article “Full Moon Aries, Tipping the Scales,” for lots more juicy insights.

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Until the full moon in November, here’s wishing you and yours a fun Halloween and an invigorating autumn (or Spring, if you are in the Southern hemisphere).

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The Earth, Moon and Stars blog is published once each Full Moon with (hopefully interesting) facts and lore about our moon and other sky phenomena. My wish is that you will have fun learning a bit more about our one and only natural satellite and how all of us — people, animals, plants, water, even rocks — are affected and connected by her.


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One Response to October’s Hunter’s Moon

  1. Cyndi L says:

    I saw the full hunter moon last night with the coolest halo all around it…just awesome! Apparently, the rain is moving in tonight, so no more moon gazing 😦

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