December’s Christmas Full Moon

Happy December Christmas Full Moon!

Welcome to Issue 12 of Volume VII of Earth, Moon and Stars!

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      • What’s Cookin’ ~ Full moon Friday (Christmas!)
      • Moon names ~ Christmas Moon
      • Seasonal Calendar ~ Moon dates and times
      • Astrology ~ Full Moon in Cancer: A fond farewell to Emily | Coming Home

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   Since I got to writing at the last minute, this post will perforce (I’ve always wanted to use that word) be abbreviated. If you don’t have any time to read further, just go out and bathe in Ms. Luna’s light – and accept my wishes for a very happy holiday!

   The moon will become exact full Friday December 25 at 11:11 UT (Universal Time); correspondingly earlier in time zones west of the Prime Meridian, later in time zones to the east. (See Seasonal Calendar in my December 2014 issue for clarification about Universal Time.)

   Because fullness will occur this time close to noon at the Prime Meridian, locations east of North America will see maximum fullness Friday night. The East Coast of the U.S. will see equal fullness both Thursday and Friday nights, while those further west will have an (almost imperceptible) advantage Thursday night. In practical reality, she will look full both Thursday and Friday nights, wherever you are. Check Seasonal Calendar below for exact times in some representative time zones.

  Bittersweet: Emily, one of our favorite astrologers, has announced she is discontinuing her Virgo Magic blog in favor of other adventures. See Astrology below for details. Molly is continuing at, and offers us some timely insight for this full moon.

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Moon Dates and Times

December’s full moon:   Friday December 25 11:11 UT; 1:11 am HAST; 3:11 am PST; 6:11 am EST
. (Christmas Moon!)        Friday December 25 1:11 pm IST; 7:11 pm AWST/PHT
January’s new moon:      Sunday January 10 01:30 UT; 3:30 am IST; 9:30 am AWST/PHT
.                                                     Saturday January 9 3:30 pm HAST; 5:30 pm PST, 8:30 pm EST
January’s full moon:       Sunday January 24 01:45 UT; 3:45 am IST; 9:45 am AWST/PHT
.                                             Saturday January 23 3:45 pm HAST; 5:45 pm PST; 8:45 pm EST
[ref: Moon Phases]

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Christmas Moon

   As you might suspect, we don’t get a full moon on Christmas very often. The last one was in 1977, and the next one won’t be until 2034. (Even then, it won’t be Dec. 25 everywhere in the world when it is exact full, but you won’t be able to tell.)

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   Unlike the Earth – which takes 365+ days to make a complete circuit through the Zodiac – the Moon takes just a month to make her rounds. This means she spends on average only two and a half days in each zodiac sign. She is currently in Gemini — will move into Cancer the Crab on Friday, less than six hours before fullness. She will remain there while full, moving on into Leo on Sunday.

Farewell to Emily Trinkaus ~ 

   For the past five years Emily has been head priestess at Virgo Magic, her astrology website, based in Portland, OR. Now it appears Emily is re-focusing her time and attention to other endeavors. She will still continue with energy healer Katie Todd running the Full Moon Priestess website where they conduct monthly Full Moon Galactivation teleclasses for women.

   We have soo appreciated the heart and warmth you have given to Virgo Magic, Emily, and your permission to feature you here. We wish you well in your endeavors.   If you, reader, would like to know more about Emily’s evolvement, visit her Virgo Magic website, where she offers a beautiful explanation and farewell.


Molly Hall ~  

Cancer Full Moon ~ Coming Home

   Molly Hall is chief astrologer at, where she provides both technical and practical insights derived from the positions of the stars and planets. For this full moon, Molly talks of Emotional Outbursts:

   If there are gaps between your true feelings, and the pressure to repress or hide them, the dam breaks at the Full Moon. This can be a shocking experience, but also lead to more emotional authenticity.

   A time for great growth in relationships, with raw truths exposed and integrated. And relief as a new ground settles that feels truer, without needing to pretend to feel something you don’t, or bottle things up.

   Financial issues may come to a head, with all the fears that ride in with them — about security, the future, or taking care of those you love. Nurture yourself through any emotional waves, and let them find their way to integration.

   She goes on to say that this is a good time to:

  • Share resources with family (chosen or genetic), as in moving in together to create a home.
  • Be assertive with your values of inter-relatedness, empathy and respect for the cycle of life.
  • Be near the ocean.
  • (…and many more)

  If this has you wanting more, check out her article Cancer Full Moon ~ Coming Home for all the goodies.

   In addition to her insights around this full moon, Molly offers the following helpful articles:

 Also visit Molly’s front page for lots more interesting astrology.

Full moon in Cancer

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   If you like something you see here, or have an idea about something you’d like to see covered in a future issue, or you have something interesting to share about the Earth, Moon, or Stars, please feel free to leave a comment. I’m always interested in how folks who stop by here are moved/influenced/affected by what they encounter here. 

   Until the full moon in January, here’s wishing all of us a month of growth and authenticity!

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My Personal Take on Astrology

  Some folks have wondered why I have an astrology section in a blog that purports to be “science” oriented. I suppose I could cite ancient cultures in which astronomy and astrology were the domain of the same person. And that a broader way of understanding the aim of science is to expand knowledge (the word science being derived from the Latin word  scīre “to know”). My own sense is that while we humans live in a material world that runs by certain rules of physics, we each experience our lives in this world subjectively. It’s what makes us similar and at the same time unique.
   How much do celestial bodies influence our lives? Certainly the Sun and the Moon have noticeable gravitational effects on water and even rocks. Electromagnetic and particle radiation from the Sun has both obvious and subtle effects on just about everything on this planet. Even moonlight affects plants and animals.  I do not claim to know if or how much these and other celestial bodies affect us directly, but I like the wisdom, warmth and humanness that Molly and Emily express in their writing, and believe that including them not only expands my potential audience, but also exposes folks to ways of thinking about their own lives that they might not have otherwise considered. Let me know your take on this. I won’t make your comment public if you ask me not to.

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    A few detail-oriented folks have inquired about my use (or mis-use) of Initial Caps in words like earth, moon, and sun. In the long run, it doesn’t affect understanding; Whether I write ”the President” or “the president”, you still know who I’m referring to. I write “the Northern Hemisphere”, just as you would (correctly) write “the West Coast”; it’s a proper name, and in English we capitalize proper names.

    When it comes to suns and moons it can get confusing. There are billions of suns out there; we have given names to more than 40 million of them, ranging from names given in other languages (e.g., Aldebaran), to less fanciful but more utilitarian names, such as HD 140913. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has decreed that our sun is the only one without such a proper name, although historically and in poesy it’s been called by quite a few.

    Similarly for our moon. We’ve christened all of the other 182 moons in our solar system with names – ours is the only one we call the Moon.

    Since we capitalize the names of all the other heavenly bodies (even asteroids and comets, for pity’s sake), I feel we ought to show at least as much respect for the ones most important to us. The IAU agrees.

    So does Wikipedia. Their Manual of Style says: “The words sun, earth, moon and solar system are capitalized (as proper names) when used in an astronomical context to refer to a specific celestial body (our Sun, Earth, Moon and Solar System): The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System; The Moon orbits the Earth. They are not capitalized when used outside an astronomical context (The sky was clear and the sun felt warm), or when used in a general sense (Io is a moon of Jupiter).”

    Sometimes it’s a fine line. If I write “by the light of the silvery moon”, I won’t capitalize it, because I’m referring to an image of the celestial body, not the body itself. By contrast, if I write, “the light from the Sun reflects off the surface of the Moon,” I capitalize both, because I’m referring directly to the celestial bodies.

    If you inspect the archives of this blog, you will likely see many instances where I departed from this rule. We’ll call these oversights, and eventually I will correct them. Meanwhile, it’s an interesting challenge just to follow it in new writings. Are we having fun, yet?

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   The Earth, Moon and Stars blog is published once each Full Moon with (hopefully interesting) facts and lore about our moon and other sky phenomena. My wish is that you will have fun learning a bit more about our one and only natural satellite and how all of us — people, animals, plants, water, even rocks — are affected and connected by her.

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Unless otherwise noted, this blog claims no credit for any images appearing on it. Copyrighted images remain the property of their respective owners; attribution and/or links are provided when known. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and you do not wish for it to appear here, please leave a comment with your email address and a link to the image in question and it will be promptly removed. Your comment will not be made public.


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